2016 Dover & Deal Jobs Fair

“For Pitman Training, this event is a great way of reaching out to adults who are unemployed or looking for a career change who wouldn’t normally know of about the training that we deliver or how we can help people either get back to work or change their career. We receive a lot of referrals from the Jobcentre and the Work Programmes but there are so many more adults who do not visit the Jobcentre but who could still carry out learning with us. It is vital that we reach these people so that we can continue to train and re-train them ready to return to work, start work or change their lives. The Dover Apprenticeship and Job Fair is invaluable.”

Kiri Edwards, Pitman Training

2015 Dover & Deal Jobs Fair

“The event was very useful to us as we were actively recruiting staff and were able to get people to complete application forms on the day.  This meant that we could interview almost immediately and get people recruited locally in a short period of time.  LDC would most definitely be interested in doing it again.”

Julie Berry, LDC Dover

“The jobs fair was a wonderful event. It gave local businesses opportunity to network in an informal setting. Job seekers have since used our training services to enhance their skills set and support them in securing future employment.”

Paula Elliott, Pitman Training


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“There were 2 tutors on our Pitman training and learndirect stand for the whole day. They were able to discuss learning needs with people who may be too frightened to actually attend a learning venue to find out about learning opportunities or new work related skills. The jobs fair enabled us to reach out to job seekers and discuss their options in a really informal environment. The day was fun and buzzing. I was impressed with Charlie tweeting his way through the stands and spending time with the companies that attended. We held a competition to win an enormous chocolate bunny and the winner came in and passed a qualification in IT as well! It was a very worthwhile event and at the end of that day there were 40 new opportunities for my team to follow up and engage in learning and I hope that Charlie is planning to do this again!”

Paula Elliott
Pitman Training

“The Jobs fair gave us a good opportunity to meet local job seekers in the Dover district”

Paul Rutterford
Marine Recruitment Manager

The Dover & Deal Jobs Fair was well attended by people looking for work in a variety of fields. It is a very inexpensive way of recruiting local people to fill vacancies.

Trevor Bond

Sales & Marketing Manager, Leaf Hotels

I’d like to thank you too for the stand and providing me with such a great opportunity – over forty young people signed up to the TownTV project.

Doug Jacobs



Congratulations to Charlie and his team on such a successful jobs fair. The event was well publicised and the Town Hall was packed. The joining instructions for exhibitors were clear. There were over 45 visitors to our stand. I would definitely have a stand at the next jobs fair. It is a worthwhile investment and hope it is a regular event.

Paula Elliott

Pitman Training Dover

I felt the jobs fair was a huge a success. It was an excellent platform to raise the profile of TBG in Dover and helped generate business for it’s centre. I very much enjoyed the day and look forward to the next one.

Naomi Smith

TBG Dover